"Sketching Light" Paperback Book by Joe McNally

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Are you a photographer who has apprehensions about using a flash (or even multiple flashes???)  Or do you just need more ideas and a little help to create your "perfect light" when Nature refuses to cooperate?   Then this is the book for you. It's a book about possibilities . . . the kind of photographs you could create.

The author, Joe McNally, is not only an expert and skilled photographer, but a masterful and entertaining writer.  I've read all his books and attended one of his workshops, and everything he suggests really does work.  It certainly has boosted my confidence with using light . . .  I have no qualms about setting up multiple remote flashes to get the effect I want in my photos . . . thanks to the encouragement I found in this book.

This book, "Sketching Light" is in pristine condition (only 2 pages have a little note in the margin and one sentence underlined) and retails new at a minimum of $40.  The information you'll find in this book is priceless, and it will definitely take your photography skills to a new level.


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