Remembering Shiloh

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 This is Shiloh.  The pound had him listed has an  8 month old Shepherd mix, but they seem to consistently overestimate puppies' ages, so I'm guessing he was more like 4-5 months . . . really just a baby.   He spent his first  days peeking out from under the bed in his cage.  On the 4th day he ventured out, and what a gift from him when he decided to take a chance on the world around and looked bravely straight into my eyes as I took his photo.   He had questions and was quietly curious about everything around him . . . his eyes,  pensive,  analytical and a little worried  . . .  but he dared to think to himself, "maybe this isn't so bad."

As we get ready for the "Betty White Challenge", let's not forget the smaller organizations that don't have salaried directors and staff, the "boots on the ground" groups who don't just rescue the highly adoptables,  the ones who are often funded by the founder's personal finances because the dogs need stuff.

Before we became a 501c3 and we were trying to stop the slaughter of healthy, adoptable dogs at one of the worst animal control facilities, I went to humane societies and pleaded with them to take some of the dogs and was turned away, even though there were empty cages.  On the day I took this photo, I had already used up the money I had for adoption fees . . . the only way I could save the dogs was by adopting them.  

I told Shiloh I would come back the next day and get him.  I was too late.  He was destroyed by animal control, even though I told them I would be back to adopt him.

So, by all means, donate to your local humane societies . . . I support ours. But we ask you also remember groups like us.   To honor Betty White's commitment to animals, we're offering a download of this image of Shiloh for any donation you make.  I have his photo on my refrigerator door to inspire me when I need it most.

For me, he has become the face of the plight of discarded dogs everywhere.   He haunts me to this day.    I want to always remember him . . . he deserved to belong in someone's heart . . . he was worthy of a chance at life.  I'm sure if Betty White had seen him, she would have taken him home.


A download link will appear on your checkout page and will also be emailed to you.  If you want to donate more, just use the "tip" selection.  Thank you from all of our dogs who survived, and from Shiloh, who visits me in my dreams.