Kreated Equal Faux Fur Women's Tall Arctic Winter Boots

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Enjoy the freshly fallen snow without getting your feet soaked. Good for trekking in the cool winter snowy months Faux Far Tall Arctic Winter Boots by Kreated Equal has a sturdy build that is both comfortable and durable so your feet can stay warm during the chilliest of winter nights. Completely cruelty-free these elegant winter boots are made with faux fur while still retaining all of this material’s softness. Carefully and excellently designed with PVC material and ridged soles these boots offer great traction to keep you from slipping and sliding on ice and snow. A built-in thick supportive footbed provides additional support without adding weight so you walk through deep snow easily. These versatile fashionable boots also seamlessly intertwine comfort and style. Their simple yet elegant design can easily accommodate both casual and more professional garb to match any occasion or happening. Enjoy the winter air comfortably and simply with these Kreated Equal Tall Arctic Winter Boots.


QUALITY COMFORT: Thick supportive foot bed will keep you cozy warm and dry all winter.
100% CRUELTY-FREE: All of our products are humanely constructed. We use 100% faux fur and faux suede so no animals were harmed in the making of these boots.
TRACTION: Ridged soles keep you from sliding in the ice and snow.
WATERPROOF: Waterproof material keeps your feet dry and clothes clean.
STYLISH: Style wasn’t sacrificed for comfort these boots are versatile. Dress them up or down all season! Great with tights and skirts or over jeans or leggings.


30 Day Warranty