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I still love the feel of a book and have many of these beautiful friends on my shelves.  Here are five of my favorites.  I keep my books in excellent condition.  A couple of them have some gentle highlighting, but no torn pages or damage.  I've included a link to the listing on Amazon if "Look Inide" is available for that book.  

Because this is a fundraiser for a public charity, I want to sell them as a group as opposed to singly.  Many of these books list at $10-$33 new.


1.  The Schwarzbein Principle

"When you understand that the body is interconnected, and that one imbalance creates another, you will understand that balanced nutrition and lifestyle are key to your well-being."

Forget the latest fads about health, and go back to sound health principles promoted by a doctor who understands metabolism. 

2.  Good Health in a Toxic World

The complete guide to fighting free radicals.

Information that is critical for our health especially in a world that is becoming increasingly toxic.

3.  Practical Fung Shui

Arrange, decorate and accessorize your home to promote health, wealth and happiness.  This covers everything that affects the energy in your life.  Beautiful book full of lovey and helpful illustrations and photographs.

"Everything in the world can be seen in terms of two kinds of energy: passive and active, or yin and yang, which is one of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui."

 5.  Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui

Learn the art of space clearing and bring new energy into your life.

6.  Trust Agents

Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust 



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