3 Step Dog Stairs

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For pets who are injured older or having trouble accessing their favorite places to relax or play it can be sad to see them struggle. You can give them peace of mind with Pet Stairs. Available in 3-Step or 4-Step form the Pet Stairs are sturdy and comfortable for pets to walk or climb on. They can also choose to rest on the top step if they wish. The soft fabric keeps them warm. Perfect for smaller dogs or older dogs and cats suffering from arthritis painful joints overweight bodies or hip dysplasia. Give your pet back their independence and allow them to easily access couches ledges & hard to reach spaces that they struggle to climb.


DIMENSIONS: 20" (L)x15" (W)x14.5"(H)

CAPACITY: Holds up to 200 pounds 6 inches wide (each step) 18-by-12 inches

STABLE FOR YOUR PET: Stairs are lightweight but sturdy enough for your pet. Easy to move and store.

COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PET: Our pet stairs are built with a soft sheepskin-textured cover.

PERFECT FOR OLDER AILING PETS: Ideal for older pets suffering from arthritis pain hip dysplasia


30 Day Warranty