About us


The Puppy Potpourri is operated by Extraordinary Dogs Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity established to address the epidemic of mass killing of companion animals, and located in the mountains of central New Mexico.

All profits and proceeds from the sale of our items are used for the direct care of our resident animals.

The mission of Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is to provide rescued "death row" dogs with the skills and training to help them become extraordinary canine friends for life to their adopted family.  We are a training and enrichment facility that focuses on the emotional intelligence and resilience of  all dogs, especially those who have been discarded.

Learn more about our journey and mission, and meet some of our "extraordinary dogs" on our official website, www.extraordinarydogs.com



Our online store, "The Puppy Potpourri", started out as a physical estate sale as a fundraiser to support our nonprofit, Extraordinary Dogs Inc , but being located in a rural area was taking a lot of time to attract customers.  Besides that,  our first priority is  to care for and train our dogs, and every hour spent "sitting at a yard sale" was an hour lost with the dogs.   We hoped to use the revenue to supplement mostly our dog food fund, but it was clear that it was too time consuming and that we would have to add much more inventory to make any kind of headway.  So we went to an online model.

We had better luck with that and actually sold some items from our personal/estate collections.  But once again, it was a matter of inventory and time . . . items had to be photographed and listed.  For us  it's always about having time for the dogs . . . they come first.

So that's when we discovered the "dropshipping  craze"  through Shopify, which is an awesome program . . . a great timesaver!  We wanted to carry a few, hand-picked items to attract visitors to our store, and wholesale accounts require a minimum qualifying order, and then we have to keep up with inventory.  Because dropshipping is based on single items, there is not as much of a break in shipping as in wholesale.  So we select our products from sources that ship quickly and reliably, and we test them out. 

We are relatively new on this scene and hope that we can earn enough to support our dogs without having to continue to "beg" via crowdfunding.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope that you come back and become a regular customer.


Estate Sale This is our biggest profit margin since each item has been donated from a personal collection or estate.  So that means that 100% of the purchase price goes to our dogs.  We are the supplier and the shipper.

Arts and Crafts Many of these items are either donations from artists or designed by a photographer artist using original artwork or photography.  These are  unique, designed with love, and carried exclusively in our store.  Our profit margin on these products ranges from 30% (we have to pay for the production of some of the products) to 100%.  We are the supplier and the shipper.

Dropshipped Items The rest of our products are from carefully selected dropshippers.  We choose them on what works well for our dogs, what saves us time and energy so we have more time for dogs, and what keeps us as humans sane and settled, which is often difficult to do in this fast-paced works.  Our goal is to make sure that you and your best friend can enjoy this adventure of life together.  So the profit margin for us with these products is typical for retail . . . anywhere from 15% to 40% depending on the wholesale cost and shipping.  They are shipped to you directly from the supplier.

Hartman & Rose This company located in Canada has the most awesome and exquisite collars and leashes for dogs and we have an account with them.  We use collars only as 'secondary' equipment  because management of the dog is always via harness and not any neck items.  When frightened, dogs can sometimes wiggle out of a harness or a collar when one or the other is used singly.  This can have disastrous results in public or in unprotected or unfenced areas.  (Contact us if you need help or more information on this.)

The details, design and workmanship in each of their items is awesome.  They use semi-precious stones, crystals, gold, silver, Italian leather.  We will be showcasing some of the collars we purchased for our dogs, but do not carry any inventory.  We always honor any specials that the company provides their retail customers . . . so our profit margin on these items averages about 20%.  Production and shipping time is about 2 weeks . . . the item ships to us and after inspection, we ship to you.

"So many of our dogs come from difficult situations, and we feel that they deserve special things . . . because they've never had them before,  because they deserve them (as does any dog) and because each of our dogs is loved beyond measure."

Amazon Associates We have been members of this program for quite awhile but just never took advantage of it until they became a sales channel via Shopify.   When you select an item from this collection/source, Amazon pays us a commission (4% average).   Since the order is fulfilled by Amazon, you will see "view on Amazon" instead of "add to cart". 



If you didn't find a product to purchase but would still like to support a worthy cause, our crowdfunder is listed below.  Donations are tax deductible  . . . every amount is much appreciated!