Artist Soft Pastel Collection

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This listing contains 3 collections of soft pastels.  Some have been slightly used, but each collection is complete.  I loved these pastels so much that I could not bring myself to just toss them into a box but instead, always placed them back in the padding and in the original box.  So these have been well cared for.

Brand new each collection would run about $80 to $120, so this should be a great bargain for any artist.

  • 1  box Rembrandt 45 soft pastels (landscape edition)
  • 1  box Rembrandt 60 pieces
  • 1  box Unison 72 pieces (corner of box has been slightly chewed by one of my pups)

Also included are 3 books.

  • "The Teacher of Pastel Painting"  (vintage and no longer in print) by D. M. Campana
  • "Pastels" by Leslie B. DeMille
  • "Pastel" by Daniel E. Greene