Two Pendants with Silver Chain -Turquoise, Red Coral

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There is a powerful and spiritual reason that Native American artisans use coral and jewelry, often together.  Turquoise, born of the land,  is a male element and can be worn for protection.  Coral, on the other hand, from the waters of the sea,  reminds us to listen to our feelings.  The protection of turquoise shields the wearer from "bad medicine" so that nurturing can take place.

These two pieces are from my private and personal collection that I acquired from Native American artists during my years of work in the New Mexico pueblos/reservations.  Each of these pieces is an original, handmade design and stamped by the artist, whom I have known personally.

Each pendant measures about 1 in by 0.5 inch.  A fine silver chain is included.  All sales final.