Festival and Fantasy

Who doesn't love to dress up as their favorite fictional character?

We're featuring costumes that you will not find at your local "box store."  Most of them are of the quality that you would find in costume rental shops . . . well-made and classy.  Inventory is limited and many of these will go quickly the closer we get to Halloween.

But don't limit yourself to just Halloween! . . . There are so many possibilities for these beautiful costumes and not just for kids.   Have you ever considered a literarature-themed costume party?  If you're a teacher, how about reading "Great Expectations" as you (or a student) dress as Lady Havisham?  Professional photographers will find all kinds of "fantasy" costumes for boudoir and/or "pin -up calendar" themes.  

Contact us if you do not see your size and we will add it to the store.  

Have fun! . . . we did just by looking at the products.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection