Mesh Net Shopping Bag

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This handy little bag is making a comeback and has brought me so many memories.

When we lived on 5th Street in Philadelphia, in the 50's, my mom would always walk to the market on Market Street to buy fresh food.  She always brought them back in bags like this.  They were so handy that for many years later, she kept the same ones to use in emergencies.  I do the same now.  They're easy to store, you can carry them in your purse, and even use them in the store because they're "see through" (so you can't be accused of shoplifting).


Replace your paper and plastic bags with these cotton reusable bags.
Strong & Durable
These reusable totes expand to hold up to 17.5 Pounds, much past the weight of a normal grocery bag.
Easily packed in your pocket, purse or glove box for farmers market, grocery store or produce market.
Machine washable
The 100% Cotton fabric is machine washable with cold water.
These eco bags are all natural and chemical free.

Type: Mesh String Organizer Handbag
Material: Cotton
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: Green/red/light green/black/white/coffee/pink/rosy/yellow/blue
Load: 3-8KG / 6.5-17.5LB
Size: 35*40cm / 13.8*15.7” (L*W)

1* Mesh String Organizer Handbag