In Search of the Perfect Towel

UPDATE:  When we originally listed this set, we included the company's information that said this particular set consisted of 6 pieces.  It has been corrected since then . . . it is only 1 (not 2) of each.  Because our organization and store is based on integrity and customer service, to make up for our error, we are offering a 20% discount on this set of towels. (Code is at the end of this post.   Expires end of August.



I use a lot of towels, not just for myself but because I have several high-maintenance dogs that need baths and grooming regularly. I love cotton, but what you get most of the time in the "big box" stores is cotton/polyster blends, and made in China or neighboring countries. My first choice is always Made in USA, but sometimes the cost is prohibitive, and the labeling for even the so-called top brands is illusive: e.g. cotton grown in Alabama, and woven in Vietnam, etc.

Personally, I can't afford to pay $60 for a bath towel, especially when it's labeled "imported." So my next choice is to go with a smaller, experienced, non-brand company that is transparent in their manufacturing process, and works with European countries.

I just got my shipment of these towels and am so very happy with them. SAASOH is a textile manufacturing company based in Rochester, NY and has been supplying only luxury hotels with their products. They processed and shipped the order on the day it was placed and delivered to my door in 3 days . . . that beats Amazon Prime. Yes, they're manufactured in Turkey (one of the only countries belonging to both Europe and Asia),but based on this company's philosophy, I'm ok with that. Turkey has been famous for some very beautiful weaving and textiles. As with all the products we list on "The Puppy Potpourri", they (and the company) have been thoroughly researched and sampled.

The big brand companies are just retailers and not manufacturers. They all get their stuff from the same place and slap their brand/logo on it. And here's another thing to look for . . . many of them say "shipping from USA" and hope people won't figure out that it does NOT mean made in the USA, They all use distributors . . . that's the middle man between manufacturing and retail.

I have exceptional distributors for both the dog food I get and these drop shipped items. They screen for quality, transparency, ethics. And then when I see a company they list, I do additional research and order sample. SAASOH is a manufacturer so when they put their name on a label, they made it.


(company statement) "We share our experiences with European mills which can then produce breathable and comfortable bed linens and highly absorbent towels. . . We source high-quality fabrics and fibers from around the globe.
SaaSoh believes in the philosophy of investing in its people and its products. By tapping into all of our past experiences, we can source the right materials and bring you the best bed and bath linens. We believe in
  •  responsible manufacturing processes: The environment around us is the source for most of the fibers and fabrics we use. That is why we love it back by encouraging responsible manufacturing processes in the mills that manufacture our products. We want to make a difference, not just by giving you the luxury of exceptional linens, but by also being responsible towards the planet we call home.
  •  Affordable Luxury: Good luxury linens of high-quality cotton are hard to find. What you can see is terribly expensive and often very exasperating. SaaSoh was built to deliver pure, beautiful home essentials linens at affordable prices bypassing distributors, expensive brand licenses, and retailers."



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