How to Help Our Dogs

If you have not yet found the perfect product to purchase but want to help us on our journey to retrain and heal "death row" survivors, you can visit our site for more ideas. 

Dog Food Campaign

There is a link for donations . . . we are always running a "dog food campaign" . . . good nutrition is important  and we can always use help with meeting the cost.  Every donation, however big or small, is so very much appreciated.

Virtual Foster Program

We are getting ready to launch a virtual foster program for those who desperately want to help a particular dog, but cannot have one in their home.  Sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when this begins.


We study and research emotional behavior in dogs and sharing our unique training and intervention via posts on our blog.  For a monthly fee of $5, you can have access to every post and learn some new "tricks" and techniques in dealing with your own dogs.

. . . and last but not least!!

If you can't donate or buy, then we beg you to SHARE and LIKE our store on all the social networks.  Our Facebook store can be found on our page by clicking on the SHOP button in the sidebar.

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