Products for Extraordinary Pets and People

We only offer those products that we would use with our own dogs.  Except for the Estate Collection, products USA/CANADA BASED AND THE COMPANIES HAVE BEEN SCREENED FOR ETHICAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. And although products from China will always be cheaper, we feel a moral obligation to move toward more socially responsible sources, and we hope that you will support us by buying from our "dog-owned store."  

Our Fabulous Favorites

Coffee and Tea Room

"Our 'mom' has to have good coffee in the morning.  'Good' means healthy and grown ethically.  Try one of her favorite brands from the Coffee and Tea Room."   

                 -the DOGS

Beef Jerky

If you're tired of questionable ingredients in the beef jerky you give your dogs, then this is the product for you.  Clean, simple and human grade.

"Yummy!!  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!"

                     ----the DOGS

Native American Products

"I lived and worked on several Native American lands many years ago and had access to some wonderful products.  Each of these items is crafted by a Native American artisan, and many are at least 30 years old."

            -- the DOGS' mom

For Our Humans

"Our human mom takes such good care of us, so we want to make sure that she has all the things that make her happy and healthy. She gives us only the best, so we want her to have the best.  The products in this collection always make her smile.   And when it comes to food, we get to share that, too, except the coffee!"

                                       --the DOGS

"The Puppy Potpourri" and EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC

This unique online store is an extension of Extraordinary Dogs Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is dedicated to changing the fate of "death row" dogs through effective, no force training and education of the public, especially owners, trainers/handlers.


Our products and our suppliers are thoroughly researched and products are  hand-picked for quality and not price. The DOGS are the official "tasters,"  and everything has to meet their approval. 

We seek out and support small, ethical suppliers and USA owned and based.


"Absolutely.  Every cent from every sale goes into the Extraordinary Dog account that is used for veterinary, dog food and other essentials.  As the DOGS' mom, I personally subsidize the wholesale cost of the product.   All proceeds go to the DOGS.  They not only own the store, they own me!"

-- from the DOGS' mom with love.

"The Mermaid Cove"

Products to pamper the "inner mermaid" in you . . . your dog's favorite human!

Remember how awesome it feels to walk on a beach and let the moist sea breeze kiss your skin.  Everything about the ocean is magical, pure and healing.  These products harness not only the biological and natural benefits of nature, but the energy of the sea . . . the source of life!

The only thing better is strolling on that beach with your best friend by your side.

Do You Need Help With Your Dog?

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Online behavior consults are available. 

Can't Find Anything to Buy?

. . . but still want to support our mission, we invite you to donate to one of our programs for monthly giving or a one-time gift.  

Contact Information


The best way to contact us is via email . 

We will be adding a chat feature to the store in the near future.


Our phone number is 575-354-2599.

(Due to the large number of spam calls, we ask that you email us first.  We no longer answer calls that do not display a legitimate caller id)


We are located in the mountains of central New Mexico.  You can contact us via mail at:

Extraordinary Dogs Inc.

P. O. Box 1165

Capitan, NM 88316

Our store is online and is an offshoot of our nonprofit, Extraordinary Dogs Inc. 

If you are local and have purchased one of our estate items, we can arrange for local pickup.

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